Al Franken Asks For Jim Acosta’s Help After Being Caught In Obvious Lie


CNN political analyst Scott Jennings blasted disgraced former Senator and D-List actor Al Franken over his blatant lie that Republicans in Congress will cut Social Security and Medicare if they win control the majority. Franken was so taken back by finally being called out for lying that he reached out to CNN Newsroom host Jim Acosta for help.

“McCarthy said and Scalise has said that the first thing they’re going to do is cut Social Security and Medicare and you’re going, they can’t do it, unless the President vetoes it, but they’re gonna hold–they say they’re gonna hold the debt limit hostage,” Franken falsely claimed.

“I’ve been there when they tried to hold the debt limit hostage. And you know what would happen if it went over, if we let that happen?” Franken asked. “The world economy would fall apart. The U.S. dollar would cease to be the go-to currency in the world. It would be an economic disaster.”

“That’s not what Republicans are saying at all. Republicans have an advantage in this election, because they’re actually running on the issues that all the polls tell us that the most people care about. Inflation, economy, crime,” Jennings said in response.

“The problem for the Democrats in this election is they’re fishing off the wrong pier,” Jennings continued. “They made their entire bet, their entire bet was on abortion, and abortion has fallen down to sixth, seventh, or eighth place.”

Continuing to tear into Franken and his false narratives, Jennings noted: “I can read a poll and right now what I’m seeing in the polls is that voters don’t think that the Democrats are good enough or smart enough and doggone it, they just don’t like ‘em. That’s the bottom line.”

Franken almost lost it and the two carried on back and forth over the defamed Democrat’s blatant lie. Franken was clearly frustrated that Acosta wasn’t jumping in to save him and help him lie, so he turned to Acosta to ask for help “fact-checking” Jennings.

“Jim, why don’t you fact check it. You can see, there’s plenty of coverage of it,” Franken frantically asked.


Franken, as I am sure you may know, lost his career in politics after he was accused of groping a young woman. Photo evidence was provided by his victim Leeann Tweeden who says the politician also shoved his tongue down her throat while the two were on stage doing a sketch for a USO show for military members overseas at the time.

Erica Carlin is an independent journalist, opinion writer and contributor to several news and opinion sources. She is based in Georgia.

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