After Biden Plans To Dump Successful Trump Policy He Gets A Stern Rebuke From An Unlikely Place


Biden is throwing his union buddies under the bus and they aren’t happy about it.

After a rousing delusional speech before the AFL-CIO in Philadelphia union bosses rebuked President Joe Biden.

Biden is considering relaxing some of the successful tariffs former President Trump imposed on China. AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler said, “We think it’s the wrong time to relax tariffs on China – we think it would have a marginal impact at best on inflation.”

Once again, we see President bow to China.

We previously reported comments Biden made on February 24, 2022, Biden imposed sanctions on Russia for invading Ukraine, and after his comments took questions from the press.

A reporter asked, “Are you urging China to help isolate Russia?”

“I’m not prepared to comment on that at the moment,” Biden said.

In the clip below watch how Biden’s entire body language changes.

On the same day before Biden spoke with reporters, the Department of Justice announced that they will be terminating a China-focused antiespionage program because “of perceptions that it unfairly painted Chinese Americans and US residents of Chinese origins as disloyal.”


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