A Small Child Dented His Car, The Bill That He Sent The Kid’s Mother Is…..


There’s nothing more infuriating than finding an ugly scratch or dent in your car that clearly wasn’t your fault, but rather the result of a rude person in a parking lot who simply didn’t have the courtesy to leave a note with contact info so you can connect about fixing the damage.

This isn’t one of those stories.

Instead, one apologetic 3-year-old accidentally hit a neighbor’s car and immediately fessed up to the mistake. The child’s parents gladly offered to pay for the damages so that they didn’t have to go through insurance and wind up shelling out a fortune in the long run.

But it turns out honesty can sometimes be priceless, as seen in the forgiving note the neighbor with the dented car sent them:

Photo Credit: Facebook

When the parents reminded the neighbors about the incident a couple of days later and asked about the bill, they received a letter in the mail. It was an invoice for the repairs, but it was the sweetest invoice EVER.

First, the neighbors listed out the costs of repair. “Invoice for car damage: Damage repair and re-spray £1,500 . . . Damage repair and re-spray V.A.T £300 . . . Numerous cups of tea while pondering repair £28 . . .  Numerous packets of biscuits while pondering repair £10 . . . ” Hey, SOMEBODY’S gotta fit the bill for those biscuits.

But then, the letter continued: “These things happen . . .  Minus -£1,838 . . . No Charge!” Oh, our hearts! But there was one stipulation. “The only thing we ask is you to keep taking our parcels in when we are not here, thanks!” Somehow, we think that’s pretty fair.

Photo Credit: Facebook

The letter was posted on Facebook with the caption, “Wow such wonderful people xx.” And we totally agree.

There are so many things that make us happy with this story. First, there are the loving parents who decided to be honest and own up to their sons’ little blunders. And, of course, we heart the wonderful neighbors who opted for forgiveness and understood that EVERYONE makes mistakes. So much love and kindness!

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