A Lottery Winner Was Found Dead, What He Had In His Pocket Will Absolutely…


A man’s sudden disappearance after winning a lottery jackpot leaves everyone wondering what happened to him.

Gregory Jarvis was on a roll during his stay at the Blue Water Inn in Caseville, Michigan, having won the Club Keno add-on game called “The Jack” and earning himself $45,000 in lottery jackpot winnings.

However, his lack of a social security card meant he couldn’t collect his winnings right away, and Jarvis disappeared after applying for a replacement card. On Friday, authorities found his body washed up on a beach in Caseville, ten days after his lottery win.

57-year-old Jarvis had big plans for his winnings, including visiting his sister and father in North Carolina. He even returned to the Blue Water Inn’s bar, where he won the lottery, to buy everyone a round of drinks, according to the inn’s owner, Dawn Talaski.

But Talaski became worried when Jarvis didn’t show up at the bar for a whole week. His boss also went looking for him, but he couldn’t be found. Only two days later, a body was discovered washed up on a private beach in Caseville, and it was later identified as Jarvis’s.

“He wasn’t here all week, and we thought, something is wrong,” she said.

The autopsy revealed that he had drowned after hitting his head, but the police found the winning lottery ticket in his wallet, which raised concerns about foul play.

However, after conducting their investigation and interviewing people at the bar, the police ruled that Jarvis’s death was accidental. “We are thinking that he was tying up his boat, slipped and fell, hit his head, and that’s where he ended up in the water,” said Caseville Police Chief Kyle Romzek.

The winning lottery ticket was given to Jarvis’s surviving relatives, who will be able to use the money to honor his memory. Talaski described Jarvis as a nice guy who was well-liked around the bar.

“He was super excited” when he won the lottery, she said. “He was planning to take that money and go see his sister and his dad in North Carolina.”

This tragic story serves as a reminder of the importance of taking care and being cautious, even in moments of excitement and celebration.

Source: AWM

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