A Democrat Leader Has Suddenly Turned on Biden And Sleepy Joe Is Losing His….



While it has slipped onto the backburner, many are still wondering: when are we going to get an update on the Biden classified documents scandal?

The last we heard, the Biden administration was supposed to cooperate with lawmakers and deliver more details. They’ve been demanding that info since classified docs were found in Biden’s possession.

Now, one Democrat has delivered a surprise warning — either hand over that information, or they will take action.

After numerous boxes of classified documents were found in multiple locations outside of Washington D.C. last year, the American people demanded answers.

Did Biden intentionally take these documents and hide them? Had he merely forgotten about them over the years? Was the classified information potentially dangerous?

These are the sorts of questions many D.C. politicos and lawmakers want answered, but the Biden administration has been stonewalling. And Sen. Mark Warner says enough is enough.

Via The Blaze:

Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) blasted President Joe Biden on Sunday for stonewalling lawmakers about the extent of his classified documents scandal.

At the end of an interview on CBS News’ ‘Face the Nation,’ moderator Margaret Brennan asked Warner, the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, whether the Biden administration has been forthcoming with details about Biden’s improper retention of classified documents.

Sen. Warner says clearly, “we need more information about these documents” and even more importantly, they “need to make sure what the intel community has done to mitigate the harm.”

Right now, Warner claims “the administration’s position does not pass the smell test.”

Many assume that Biden’s silence on the matter isn’t a good sign, and the classified docs scandal might be worse than initially believed. If there isn’t anything to worry about, people assume the administration would be more forthcoming.

But that isn’t happening. And Sen. Warner says they’re prepared to take action if Biden’s team doesn’t step up:

We’ve got some additional tools. We can restrict some of the spending. We’re in active conversations with the Justice Department. But we’ve got to get those documents.

So far, both U.S. citizens and lawmakers are mostly in the dark concerning this classified document situation. And right now, it doesn’t appear as if the administration has been cooperating.

A recent intelligence briefing didn’t explain much, either. So at this point, Sen. Warner and other leaders are getting frustrated.

It’s a thorn in the Biden administration’s side, too; if this continues without any answers, it might haunt Biden when he starts campaigning again for 2024.

Hiding the issue probably won’t make him more popular among his supporters, and his opponents will only use this scandal as more ammunition. And Biden has enough problems with the economy and the border crisis already.


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