A Couple Came Home To Find Three Hundred People In Their Home For….


Imagine going out to dinner and then returning home to a crazy high school house party where hundreds of teenagers are acting foolishly in your living room while intoxicated.

After returning from an evening out with his wife, Mike Cox experienced what might sound like a nightmare. After a date night, he arrived home in Parker, Colorado to find dozens upon dozens of teenagers having a party there. And he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Mike and his wife owned a beautiful home on a grassy piece of land in Parker, Colorado. They had recently been remodeling the house for a big move. They have been spending thousands of dollars on the renovation. The two then decided to celebrate their home improvements by going out for dinner. But the couple met their greatest fear after what was supposed to be a quiet night out to dinner.

A group of teenagers made the decision to break into their newly remodeled home and have a huge party with hundreds of guests, while the couple was away.

The couple pulled into the driveway expecting to find their house exactly as they had left it. They were completely shocked by what they saw, which included hundreds of youngsters partying, intoxicating themselves, and damaging their property. They ruined the hard work that Cox and his wife had put into their home’s renovations. As many as three hundred teenagers were using Cox’s home as their dumping ground for good times.

Mike immediately called the police and informed them of the under-aged drinking. The horrific scene continued to unfold before his very eyes.

Police believe that because the house was on the list online, the youngsters believed it was vacant and planned to host an “epic” party there. The home, which was listed for $1.5 million.

Like it was a children’s playground, video footage captured during the party by a teenager showed the underage people throwing champagne around the room and abusing the Colorado property.

“It just slowly built to 300 kids standing on our furniture, throwing beer cans, beer bottles, squirting champagne all over the house,” Cox said. “As bad as everything is, the party was still ramping up, I heard that more people were on the way. There could have been more people here.”

There was quite a bit of damage done during the rager—probably tens of thousands of dollars worth—including smashed windows and tile and the ceilings had alcohol stains on them.

“There’s a video of 5, 6 kids on top of this countertop, squirting champagne all over my house,” Cox said. “My wife was in tears. It was devastating.”

Many of the teenagers were arrested and faced burglarizing and underage drinking charges. Five teenagers were found hiding in the basement of the couple by police. Other teenagers who shared party videos on social media were also detained.

Understandably, Cox and his wife were infuriated over the whole thing.

“Just rage. Felt violated. This is our home. It’s not just an empty house that’s for sale. It’s where we live,” he said. “We’re going to go after them with everything we can legally to make this right.”

“I want them prosecuted,” he continued. “I want them arrested. They have to pay for the damage they have done.”

Watch the video below for more details:

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