A Concerned Mother Is Losing It After Her Kid’s School Is Hosting A Queer Holiday Party…


A California mom erupts over the “Queerest” Halloween party and drag show promoted by the school.

After her video bashing the woke school board went viral, many parents are rallying behind the mother who blasted a Southern California school district for its plans to host a so-called “family-friendly” Halloween drag show, which she said amounts to “pimping out our kids” in an already “hyper-sexualized” culture.

Surgeons promoting the removal of children’s healthy body parts should stay in the imaginary part of Halloween and away from real children, the brave mom told her school board.

Brittany Mayer, a San Diego County mom, spoke on Oct. 11 at a regular meeting of the Encinitas Union School District (EUSD) as parents gathered to voice their concerns about the district’s promotion of an upcoming “Boo Bash” Halloween party for elementary school children.

The school district shared a flier about the event with families through its alert service. Featuring a drag show, it was billed as “The Queerest Free Halloween Party for Youth & Families.”

In an interview on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Thursday, Mayer said that the Oct. 29 “Boo Bash” event angered dozens of parents who repeatedly asked the board to stop promoting the event and issue an apology. When they refused, Mayer and others showed up at Tuesday’s school board meeting to confront them.

“We asked the board again and again to reconsider and to issue an apology and an explanation, which they didn’t, which is why we decided to show up,” Mayer told the Fox News host.

In the clip posted on her personal Twitter account, Mayer noted that the purportedly family-friendly event was sponsored by a local San Francisco gender reassignment surgery center in collaboration with a popular gay nightclub.

Mayer verbally dissected the event and slammed everyone associated with its organization.

“I just want to know what it is that makes a drag show family friendly?” Mayer sarcastically asked the board, footage she posted of her blistering rant showed.

“What is it about a grown man costumed in a sparkly bra with augmented boobs busting out and wearing a miniskirt barely covering his twerking ass with duck tape on his front while spreading his fish-netted legs as he writhes on the ground, grinding his groin next to a minor, family friendly?” she demanded before demanding an apology.

“While we have a culture with a massive problem with child porn and child sex trafficking, you, a little school district board of adults made the decision to feature an event to hypersexualize your children,” Mayer raged.


According to DailyMail, the parents have hired a law firm to submit a public record request about the organization of the event and its connection to the school board.

Paul Jonna, one of the attorneys representing the parents, said ‘a lot of people are just generally not comfortable with the idea of pushing drag queen shows on little kids, but separate and apart from that I think the biggest concern with this event are the sponsors.’

The event was organized by a group called Trans Family Support Services, which helps families with trans members and is based in the San Diego-area.

The school district said in a statement that the event was promoted in an online hub for local events and opportunities and that its promotion on a school website did not imply an endorsement.

Parents across the nation are clearly seeing red over what is being done in the public schools, and chances are better than good they will be voting red in November.

Watch the video below for more details:

Sources: AWM, DailyMail

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