A City Is Giving $1,200 To Trans People, But The Application Is Beyond All…


The latest bit of assault on taxpayers’ wallets is the Guaranteed Income for Trans People program (GIFT) in the not so hard to guess city of San Francisco. It uses taxpayer dollars to provide a $1,200 monthly check for up to 18 months to low-income transgenders.

The question is WHY? Because they “experience much higher rates of poverty and discrimination.” The cash transfers, unlike with other aid programs, are unconditional. The recipients can spend the money as they see fit without limitations. They will also be provided with gender-affirming medical and mental health care and financial coaching.

The Democrat-led city of California council unanimously approved allocating $200,000 for DAP Health and Queer Works in late March. But this was just the first step to developing the program, which would provide a regular no-strings-attached stipend.

The two organizations are now in the works to design the pilot program. They aim to apply for a piece of $35 million in state funding — set aside for universal basic income programs — sometime later this year.

The work to develop this program comes as conservative legislatures across the U.S. implement laws targeting transgender people.

And those applying for the program get to choose from 97 different genders and 18 preferred pronouns on the application paperwork.

Some of the more complex options listed on the application are “xenogender,” which is someone who has a gender “beyond human understanding.” Another is “genderf***,” which is a person who purposely sends mixed signals about their gender and sex.

Other gender options for applications include “novigender,” which is a gender category that applies to people who believe their gender identity is too complicated to describe using preexisting categories. There’s also the category of “FTX” which translates to “female to expansive” which identifies a person who was assigned the female gender at birth but now identifies as non-binary.

While typical pronouns are listed in the application like “he,” “she,” “him,” and “her,” there are also less common pronouns in the San Francisco paperwork like “zie,” “zim,” “xe,” and “xyrs.”

And if one checks the intersectionality boxes, one really gets rocketed to the top of the list for consideration. That is- transgender, but also black or indigenous or people of color (BIPOC) or homeless, or gender non-conforming, etc., etc. There are even checkboxes for ethnic variants, such as for “Ninauposkitzipxpe,” which, in the Blackfoot American Indian language, means a “manly-hearted woman.”

According to AWM, Conservatives are furious with the San Francisco initiative. Jay Richards, from the right-wing Heritage Foundation, told DailyMail.com:

“Gender ideology is overrunning our culture, and vastly amplifying the number of minors and adults who suffer from gender dysphoria and gender confusion… Expect a growing population of needy, indigent people in San Francisco presenting as transgender.”

Transgender District President Aria Sa’id said:

“By giving low-income trans people the resources to cover the expenses they deem most immediate and important given each person’s unique situation, we are implementing a truly community-centered intervention to combat poverty.”

Source: AWM

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