2 Defense Guns A New Gun Owner Should Get!


When it comes to gun ownership, the motivations can vary greatly. For some people, it’s hunting that interests them. For others, it’s target shooting and competitions. There are also collectors, history buffs, doomsday preppers and many other things. But, for many people today, the whole point of getting a gun is for personal defense.

Here Is What The Truth About Guns had to say on the Matter

Basic Firearm #1: A Defensive Pistol

In today’s world, everyone should have a pistol, learn how to effectively use it and keep it with you. But, it’s easy to spend as much as you can imagine (and probably more) buying a pistol. Sadly, many of the more expensive pistols just aren’t great defensive tools, as they’re built for other things. Plus, if the worst happens and you have to shoot somebody in legitimate self-defense, you can count on that gun sitting in evidence for months at minimum, and you don’t want some $3,500 wonder gun sitting in somebody else’s storage.


This will rile some readers up, but as an instructor who has helped thousands of people get licensed to carry in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, I recommend a basic striker-fired gun for personal defense. I love other guns as much as any of you, but if someone’s on a budget and wants a basic gun for defense, you can’t beat something like a Glock, Smith & Wesson M&P (or M&P Shield) or Sig P365. They can be had relatively inexpensively, they’re reliable and they aren’t hard to take care of.

Basic Firearm #2: An Affordable AR-15

Volumes could be written about how to shop for an AR-15, so I won’t try to do that here. Just be smart, look at reviews for the affordable models, and don’t be afraid to ask for help from trusted friends. Be sure to get some spare magazines (I’d recommend at least six, but 10 is better) and an affordable optic if desired.

If you live in a rural area, you might consider doing an AR-10 instead of an AR-15, but they’re generally not as affordable. The reason I recommend this is that you’ll get better opportunities for hunting with a .308 round than you’d get limiting yourself to 5.56/.223.


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