11 Shootings from Last Month Have 1 Thing in Common, That The Dems Don’t Want You To Know About


Eleven shootings from the past month all have one thing in common — and that one thing has Democrats fuming.

Three of these shootings occurred last week, two on Friday and one on July 25.

On July 25, a Virginia man fatally shot an intruder attempting to kick down his door. Then, on Friday, two more shootings occurred.

In the morning, a man was shot in Washington after making several threats against his girlfriend and then attempting to break into the house she was staying at. Later that night, 4 to 5 carjackers — at least one armed with a handgun — accosted a woman. She then pulled out her handgun, shooting one carjacker while the others fled the scene.

Eight other shootings — each of them sharing one thing in common — occurred throughout the month.

  • July 24: An intruder was shot dead by a homeowner in Ohio.
  • July 22: A man attempted to rob a store clerk in Texas at knifepoint. The clerk then pulled out a gun and shot him multiple times.
  • July 19: One man broke into multiple Mississippi homes in one neighborhood, assaulting at least four different households. He was then shot by a responsible gun owner while attempting to run over someone with his vehicle.
  • July 17: In Indiana, a man neutralized a mass shooter from 40 yards away with his handgun.
  • July 11: An Afghanistan veteran in Georgia defended his home against four armed attackers using an AR-15-style weapon. Also, on this day, in Texas, two teen suspects attempted to rob a family vehicle while two infants were in the backseat. Fearing for his family’s safety, the father shot and struck both suspects.
  • July 9: After a man shot and killed one Milwaukee security guard, another returned fire, killing the assailant.
  • July 7: Three men, at least one of them armed with a handgun, invaded a Florida man’s home. The man grabbed an AK-47-style gun, fired at the intruders, and fended them off.

Have you noticed the commonality between all of these shootings? That’s right — in every one of these situations, a gun was used in self-defense.

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These shootings prove that a good guy with a gun can save the day.


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