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Looking for some summer fun? Get the Can Cannon from X Products. I’ve never had as much fun on the range. This beast shoots Coke cans and tennis balls, and works on an AR-15 lower. This looks super cool!  I want one.   Like and Share.


The Top Nine “Assault weapon.” Sixteen-round “clip.” A box of “bullets.” When it comes to firearms, there’s no shortage of misused terminology. Sometimes the error is committed innocently, a simple mistake owing to the shooter’s ignorance. A common example is the interchangeable use of “clip” and “magazine.” However, other misused terms are more harmful. They …


This is an incredible video.   Viewing the extractor and ejector function of FN FAL in slow mo is what I would equate to nothing less than gun porn!   More than anything, these camera angles at such a slow FPS rate on the camera is straight genius. Watch this German Army G1 go off. ENJOY! …


WeaLTvMilitary – From outright duds to explosions too close to comfort, features its hand-picked top 10 mortar fails in this video.


Alltime10s – As if bombs and guns weren’t already reliable ways to kill, the inventors of these top 10 dumbest weapons have found imaginative new ways to try and put the smack down on their enemies. From the Nazi WindKanone, which tried to blow away the competition, to the American army’s new toy, the puke ray.


Are you brave enough to try this? Those uniformed officers are all over it. Wonder if she planned to sell those guns or use them?


OniNemesis – First Navy Top10 !!! Today we have the Aircraft Carriers! This is my best carriers in the world list 🙂 Like my others top10,the ranking is made by specs given from official military and builder websites (like dimensions,displacement,aircraft used and number of them,range and so on) **** The Nimitz Class was included in the first spot …


Wow! These infantry fighting vehicles are unbelievably fast on rough terrain!


Radical footage of the World’s Best! These Top 10 World Tanks are fast, rugged, and powerful. Enjoy!


OniNemesis – “You all asked for that Top 10 for months….but finally it is here! The Top 10 Howitzers!!! The 10 best self-propelled howitzers in the world for me based on the specs given from the official companies and military websites.What do you think about it?”