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Survival Skills

Finding Water

We all know that water is key to our survival. Without water we can’t last long in the wilderness. This is why it is so important to know how to survive in the wilderness and listen to these great survival tips from a real survival expert Les Stroud. He will show you how to keep your body …


Another great, educational video offering survival tips from survivalist expert Les Stroud. Indeed food is important factor in every survival guide but knowing how to find food in the wilderness is no easy feat. Picking even one wrong meal and you can find yourself in a life threatening situation. To avoid getting sick or malnutrition …

Survival Blades

PREPAREDMIND101 – our friend from YouTube, shared this video on how to choose the best survival blade for you. Not every survival blade is made for everyone. Also you should keep in mind; not every terrain requires big blades while others require chopping blades that need to cut through thick branches. What does PREPAREDMIND101 have to …

Start A Fire

hksscom shared this highly educational video on survival tactics every survivalist needs to adopt – how to start a fire. Without fire there is no heat, without heat there is no life. It’s simple as that. Also fire can be used to cook, sanitize the wounds, purify water and even SOS signal for rescue teams. But if you …