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Incredible power! PSE’s Tactical Assault Crossbow uses full arrows rather than bolts and punches a field point and a Ramcat broadhead into this steel door with interesting results.


We have seen what a Modern Crossbow will do to soft body armor (see it here if you missed it.) Predictable results as well with the the World’s Most Powerful Crossbow vs. Armor Plates.


This is the most informative test I have seen on Exploding Arrow Tips. Watch for the comparison of the .357 Magnum being fired from an arrow and then from a gun. What do you think now?


Welcome to PSE Sinister Compound Bow review video, brought to you by Weapon’s Media Team. Luke Fosburg from Youtube reviews this bow and shows to us from what is it made off. If you are interested in finding out how good or bad this bow is, we suggest you take a look on the following …


Great review video for Hoyt Spyder 30. Ike’s Outdoors reviewed this fine bow and showed us a simple demonstration on how fast this bow actually is. In this specific video he shoots from 29 inch draw this bow provides, and measures it’s speed with a Chrony meter. Let’s watch this demonstration video and find more …


This great review video is another sweet treat for every passionate archery fan. Brought to us from YouTube passionate arching equipment enthusiast such as ourselves: Archery Supplies. Here we will get an unique view of this sweet bow and see it in action. More details on this bow you can easily find in the following review …


In this YouTube video we will get to see Samick Sage Review and Recurve Bow Shooting, all-in-one. This bow is really popular among bow hunters and archers alike. Many users have high praise for this Recurve Bow and in the following video we will get to see why, and how does this bow feels and …


Here, we prepared something more different; Instinctive Archery – The Art Of Bow Shooting video will show us how to shoot instinctively while still making that shoot. This method is not that commonly used but some might find it fun to use and learn or just to add another layer of your bow shooting. Let’s …

Bow making

Is this possible? Yes, of course, and you can find more information about the materials needed and how to make this bow in your home. Also you will get to see how powerful this bow actually is. Some professional bows may empty you pocket or repel you from buying one with steep prices, but this …

Starter Bow

Starting to learn how to use a bow? Then this video is perfect for you. Of course you will need to buy a good starter bow and learn how to use it properly. Mission of this video is to provide you with useful tips on a good starting bow: Weapon’s Media Team found this video …