Epic fail or epic win? You decide.

Be prepared to witness a true destructive force that one of the most powerful handguns in the world can provide – S&W .500

Usually we get to see some beginner who never fired a gun, drops a big load in his pants while firing high-explosive rounds. But this isn’t one of those videos. In this video we will see true, destructive power of .500 S&M cartridge fired at medium distance.

From this video we can’t really tell what round he used. But what we do know .500 S&M is capable of firing several high power loads. Like Winchester one that is capable of propelling a 400 gr bullet at over 1,600 fps with mind-blowing 2,877 foot-ponds of energy!

Hope you enjoy this video re-posted to you by Weapon’s Media and please speak your mind; epic fail or win of the century? You decide.

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