Great Light Machine Guns

Stoner 63A

Great video about Light Machine Guns, showcasing us what they can really do and where do they true power lies. Some of the guns featured in this video are: Stoner LMG 5.56x45mm, AUG LMG-T 5.56x45mm, COLT LMG 5.56x45mm, Stoner 63A 5.56x45mm, Ultimax 100 MK II 5.56x45mm, Cemte Ameli 5.56x45mm, PKM 7.62x54R, MK48 7.62x51mm, M203 KAC Standalone and MG3 7.62x51mm. Every single of LMG used in this video has it’s advantages and disadvantages, let’s see what they are.

Most of the LMG are used for covering fire, point-target objectives and strategical point defense. Once the enemy finds out there is LMG stationed near, their only option is to stop all of their infantry actions and deploy heavy-armor units. These babies are responsible for some of the most unique defending strategies thought human war history, and they have also been responsible for most of the changes infantry warfare got in the last couples of decades.

What is your take on these beautiful gun? Do you have a favorite LMG? Which one is it? Share, like and enjoy!

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