Man Nearly Killed By Grizzly Bear, Posts Graphic Injury [PHOTOS]

I write for a living, so I obviously barely get any sunlight on my disturbingly pale skin, and because of that I never go out into nature and I’m never confronted by a pissed off bear (only pissed off drunks on the subway). With that said, I have no idea what a bear attack would be like. But thanks to Montana man Todd Orr, I sure as hell know what an attack aftermath looks like.

The 50-year-old Orr, was attacked twice by a protective mother bear, and he survived the attack. And what do you do when you survive a bear attack? You share your bleeding face with Facebook because why the hell not?

Orr was hiking near Ennis, Montana, and during his hike in Madison Valley, he saw the mama bear and her cubs on the trail about 80 yards away. Of course, the mom thought Orr was a threat so she charged. And this is the aftermath. But heads up, Orr is very bloodied.

Orr is obviously lucky to be alive, and that’s thanks to his quick thinking and to the folks that patched him up. Take a look at more gross pics below:





(Pictures via Facebook)

Orr talked about the incident in detail on his Facebook:

In conclusion, I shall continue to advocate against nature.

h/t Bro Bible

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