Glock 41 – The G21 and G41 versions at firing range


Again we have a pleasure of welcoming hickok45, our old friend from Youtube in another great presentation video. In this specific video he will demonstrate how the G41 and the G21 behave in the shooting range while being closely examined side by side. As we can see in the video, there is hardly any difference in gun’s recoil and the feel and handling is also almost identical between these two guns. Let’s take a few moments and watch this video:

The Glock 41 is designed as practical and tactical sidearm which comes chambered with .45 AUTO caliber rounds. Coming from the superior engineering of Glock gun manufacturer, the whole gun design is used in a way for maximizing sight radius while also improving gun’s weight distribution and overall balance. In this generation of Glock 41 there are few noticeable changes such as longer barrel and slide that now is used for reducing muzzle flip and the gun recoil. The longer sight radius gives far better accuracy for multiple uses in many different situations. Great this is that it also comes in MOS configuration mode.

In the video, we see that the standard G21 provides a slightly softer recoil action, because of the fact that the slide of G21 is heavier than the slide used on the G41. This is also a lot clearer when the guns are being shot with just one hand.

What do you think about glock 41? Do you think there are substantial differences between these two guns? Which one of these guns you prefer?

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