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Willa-Hide‘s concealed gun cabinets have quickly become a must have for any gun owner.

What started off as an idea to hide firearms from children has evolved into the premiere source of hidden gun cabinetry. It began when our co-founder wanted an easy way to keep his granddaughter from finding his guns, but at the same time still be able to get to them fast and easily when needed.

Using his decades of experience as a custom cabinet builder, the first Willa-Hide hidden gun cabinet was born. Made in Texas using high quality American wood and materials, each Willa-Hide cabinet offers superior concealment and security, while doubling as great looking home decor.

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Both Hidden Sides Open; Hidden Gun Drawers
Both Hidden Sides Open; Hidden Gun Drawers

From full-length mirrors and picture frames, to floating shelves and nightstands, our home decor line will have you covered. And now with our new hidden storage furniture line, anyone can find one to suit their needs. Plus, each gun cabinet features our unique steel pin locking system that lets you choose when you want your cabinet locked, allowing you to access your firearm when you need it most.

Expanding rapidly throughout the country, Willa-Hide will continue to be the leader in concealed gun cabinets for years to come.

One side open; Hidden Gun Drawers
One side open; Hidden Gun Drawers

Willa-Hide is proud to announce our biggest, most robust hidden gun cabinet yet. Our new chest of drawers boasts a capacity of up to TWELVE rifles and shotguns, plus EIGHT pistols. Custom carved right in our 10,000 square foot facility out of Greenville, Texas, the Knotty Alder wood will give the cabinet a subtle, rustic look that goes great with any look.

Side view of hidden gun drawers; Hidden Sides Open
Side view of hidden gun drawers; Hidden Sides Open

It also features our unique steel pin locking system, ensuring the firearms are secure when you’re gone. As a fully-functional chest of drawers, the look it delivers would be amazing by itself. With the added hidden gun storage, you know you are getting a truly unique piece of furniture.

On sale now for $1995, order now to get yours before Christmas. This includes eight Velcro pistol holsters, along with twelve Velcro rifle straps and a key.

Steel Pin Locking System Unlocking with Rare Earth Magnet Key
Steel Pin Locking System Unlocking with Rare Earth Magnet Key

Measurements are “72X33″X19” and weighs in at 240lbs.

About Willa-Hide:

A growing grandchild with a keen interest in exploring. This is what prompted our co-founder to develop the first Willa-Hide cabinet. As a responsible gun owner for many years, he wanted to guarantee the safety of his family while still being able to easily access his firearms. Hiding them right in plain sight turned out to be the answer and Willa-Hide was born. Today, Willa-Hide has grown into the first stop for luxury home decor and concealment. Branching out from it’s humble beginnings, the company has become the fastest growing concealed cabinet manufacturer in the country. Now with the ability to hide firearms, jewelry and valuables in many different options, the future seems bright for Willa-Hide. And it hopes to share that brightness with every person that owns a Willa-Hide cabinet.

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