The Most Powerful US Wheeled ‘Tank’ – M1128 Stryker in Action

The Stryker Mobile Gun System (mobile artillery system Stryker) in action in this video during training is an infantry support vehicle equipped with a tank gun Royal Ordnance L7 105mm. It is based on the LAV III Canadian (itself based on the Mowag Piranha ). It is in service with the armed forces of the United States ; Canada and other countries have considered adoption.

This wheeled vehicle is equipped with a Royal Ordnance L7 cannon with a caliber of 105 mm already used by several previous generations tanks of NATO force , like the M60 Patton , the Centurion and Leopard 1. It is not intended to be a battle tank, but can perform some of those missions.

The towers proposed for this vehicle are low, remotely controlled and automatic loading. The American version (M1128 Mobile Gun System) has a cannon Royal Ordnance L7 105mm striped (M68A1E4) on a heavy frame Stryker . His ammunition capacity of 18 rounds of 105 mm including HESH shells , 400 cartridges .50 BMG and 3400 ammunition 7.62 mm , it can reach a target with its main gun and shoot 3,000 meters by 6 shots minute

Its light shielding protects against impacts of 12.7mm and additional reinforcements from those of RPG-7.

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