Subsonic -Vs- Supersonic Ammo With Suppressor = HUGE difference

Subsonic -Vs- Supersonic Ammo With Suppressor = HUGE difference

Finally got the tax stamp back for my Liberty Mystic suppressor (silencer)! I only had the booster mount when I filmed this, so I brought my CZ SP-01 to do some initial testing. 9mm supersonic (115 grain) was MUCH louder than 9mm subsonic (147 grain) — all of that additional noise is from the bullet breaking the sound barrier. It’s the sonic boom. Very cool! I really enjoyed shooting suppressed, and there’s lots more to come!

Tornado Technologies did a great job extending and threading the barrel of my CZ 75 SP-01. It looks factory perfect and it worked great. They also did the barrel of my Kadet Adapter (.22 LR upper), and I can’t wait to shoot that. Now that I have the fixed mount I’ll be shooting the following through the Mystic, with BRIEF videos for each gun and then an official review of the Mystic at the end:

Remington 597 heavy barrel (HB) .22 LR
Western Field (from the Sears catalog back in the 50’s) .22 LR bolt action rifle
CZ Kadet Kit Adapter semi-auto conversion upper in .22 LR
Ruger 22/45 .22 LR
Quick vid w/ the SP-01
CZ P-07 Duty

That’s a lot of options in my safe for the same can! Definitely one of the coolest things about the Mystic is how many calibers can be run through it. –Jeremy S.

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