DIY 1000 Yard Savage Axis Project Rifle: Which Cartridge is Best?

I have selected the rifle for our 1000 yard project, but which chambering is best? The Savage Axis comes in a wide variety of calibers, and some rounds would be terrible for long-range target shooting.

I want a round that features bullets with high Ballistic Coefficients, which will reduce the amount of time the bullets spend in the air. A higher muzzle velocity will also help, but Magnum cartridges like the .300 Winchester Magnum will produce too much recoil for a prone competition. Ammunition and reloading costs are also prohibitively high.

The 6.5 Creedmoor Savage Axis was announced after I made this purchase. That would have been tempting.

In the end I selected 7mm-08 Remington as my competition cartridge. Using Hornady’s new 162-grain 7mm ELD Match bullets, I can consistently shoot .5MOA groups. The ultra-high .627 G1 Ballistic Coefficient paired with a 2,700fps muzzle velocity means that my greatest adversary – the wind – will be easier to fight at 600 yards and 1,000 yards. –The Social Regressive

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