How to Disarm Gunman Using A 4-Step Method

Most so-called handgun disarming techniques are more likely to get you killed than bring you home safe. Former police officer and SWAT operator James Miller knows which techniques really work on the street and teaches you what you need to know in this explosive video production from Paladin Press. Rather than demonstrating finesse-filled martial arts moves that only work in the dojo, Miller focuses on quick, easy-to-remember techniques that you’ll be able to pull off when you’re staring down the muzzle of a gangbanger’s 9mm.

Miller begins by teaching you how to disarm your opponent using just a few empty-hand skills that complement each other so that you won’t have to learn dozens of different techniques. From there, he integrates weapon skills with the previously taught material, giving you the knowledge you need to beat your opponent to the punch whether you have a knife or a gun. In addition, Miller describes the aftermath of defending yourself against a street assault with a firearm so you’ll know exactly what to do when dealing with law enforcement.

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