Ultimate Survival Tip: A Quick And Easy Way To Break Free From Duct Tape Restraints

Evildoers are known to use duct tape as a fast way to restrain someone. Here is how to deal with it:

Video below:

DailyMail reports:

It is the most common way that criminals restrain their victims.

But today Daily Mail Online is going to show you a simple and effective way to break free from duct tape.

If in the unfortunate position where you might be bound, the natural instinct is to try to twist or wriggle your way out.

However, the easiest way to escape a tape restraint is to first raise your arms over your head as high as you can.

Then in a swift movement, swing your arms down towards the ground while spreading your hands apart.

The stress of the maneuver causes the tape to tear apart.

As seen in the video above, sometimes the trick takes more than one attempt in order to work.

However, knowing what to do in such a situation could potentially save someones life.

Sweet technique! Now time to practice…

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