[WATCH] .22 LR TRACERS ‘Light It Up!’

A brief overview of the .22 long rifle tracer from Piney Mountain Ammunition, followed by shooting segments including POV. Distances of 60 to 80 yards in controlled conditions at specific targets. These were purchased at the Knob Creek Gun Show in West Point, Kentucky. They are also available via several online outlets from $15 to $25 for a box of 50 rounds.

This cartridge definitely ‘lights up”. At an advertised 1070 fps, it is subsonic. I did not chronograph, but I’m thinking that 1070 fps is a stretch for this 40 gr bullet. It drops off quickly, dramatically affecting accuracy. This is also a quiet shooter; my neighbor’s dog didn’t even bark at the noise.

PLEASE NOTE: You need optimum ground and weather conditions for shooting any type of tracers. You alone are responsible for your actions.


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