[WATCH] AR-15 Tracers Vs Block Wall

Have you been shooting paper targets? What will your AR-15 do against more solid objects?

Here we celebrate Independence Day (July 4th) by revisiting the endeavor of chewing up a block wall, except this time with my vintage AR-15 A2 using 64 grain 5.56 X 45 tracers. We also fire a few .45 ACP and 7.62X51 tracers before the festivities end! The AR-15 is my old Colt A2 that I bought new in ’84. It’s a transitional A2 1X7 twist.. See previous videos on it. Ammo is American Eagle 64-grain tracers. (XM856) I was trying to spread the shots around on the wall, not shoot a group. –hickok45

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