Survival Guide – 50 Survival Skills You Need

Survival guide

This video will reveal to us 50 tips and trick you can use to survive in wilderness. From how to start a fire with a tree bark to other items you can use to stop a bleeding for instance. This guide will teach you many useful survival skills you can even use when camping, hiking or just want to show off in front of your mates. Without further ado let’s check it out what does AlfieAesthetics has to say on this topic:

As we all could see, this guide is pretty useful and talks about many different and lifesaving survival skills. All survivalists out there could profit from this video or even if you are not into survival but spend a lot of time doing outdoor activities, this video can give you an useful tip or two.

How do you guys feel about this guide? Did you find it useful? Too long? Already knew much of this stuff? We would like to hear what were your thought on Survival Guide – 50 Survival Skills You Need.

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