[WATCH] Shooting The S&W 500 Magnum One Handed – SLOW MOTION

This girl can open her own pickle jars in the kitchen… She trained for that kind of grip strength, though.

One Handed? Yup. The S&W Model 500 is one of my favorite fun guns. The report of each shot is thundering, the kick is fierce, and the muzzle flash, baking. I’ve said before that I don’t view this hand cannon as a practical purchase (I’m not an avid dinosaur hunter these days), but it is crazy fun every time I shoot it.

The last couple of videos featuring me shooting the .500 Magnum round, I’ve had several requests for me to try shooting it one-handed. DISCLAIMER: I’ve been training to manage the recoil of this round with regular fire, and a weight lifting regimen. Even with that training, I’m still taking the precaution of only loading one round (to prevent any unintentional double taps). I DO NOT RECOMMEND TRYING THIS YOURSELF. –Guns Gear & Fitness

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