[VIDEO] Experiment Shows Kids From Homes With Guns Tend Toward Gun Safety

Teach them properly and they will grow up to be responsible adults…

Video below:

Breitbart has more…

An experiment conducted by a police officers and parents found that kids with guns in the home tended toward a greater respect for firearms and gun safety.

According to Fox 17, the experiment was conducted in Texas and it involved eight children, “all of them [were] either preschool or kindergarten age.”

The eight children were left together in a room with a fake gun that looks authentic, but could not be fired. One of the children picked up the gun within “15 seconds” and began passing it around to others. Others then pointed the gun at the rest of the children in the room and pretended to be shooting.

Six of the eight children handled the gun, and all six of these children come from homes that have no guns. The two children who refused to touch the gun came from homes where their parents own guns.

Fox 17 observed, “While the result might not be surprising to most, the children who didn’t touch the weapon were children whose families have guns inside the home and have explained the dangers and responsibilities of guns.”

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