Bakersfield Gun Store Forfeits 3,804 Lower Receivers To ATF. Is It Truly A ‘Clerical Error?’

The sale of polymer 80% lowers apparently confused the lawyer and the ATF…

Video below: has more of the story…

A Bakersfield gun store owner is defending himself in the court of public opinion after forfeiting thousands of AR lower receivers to federal regulators.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said Christopher Cook violated federal firearms laws by manufacturing and selling unserialized polymer lower receivers.

Cook, who has a license to sell guns but not one to manufacture, sold the items at his store and online, and distributed them to other dealers at gun shows, according to a statement from the Justice Department on Tuesday.

Cook was the subject of an ATF investigation in January 2014 in which undercover agents bought 33 lower receivers from Cook’s store, online business and from one of his distributors. None of the lower receivers were serialized and neither Cook nor his distributor performed a background check before facilitating the sale.

However, in an interview, Cook called the issue a clerical error and said his former lawyer gave the ATF the wrong information, which led to a raid in April 2014.

“At no point in time did we ever have a fire control group and at no point in time obviously did we ever break the law,” Cook said.

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