Cosmopolitan Invents ‘The Boyfriend Loophole’ as They Board the Gun Control Bandwagon

Cosmopolitan magazine has announced that they’re partnering with Everytown for Gun Safety to fight against the so-called ‘boyfriend loophole.’

According to their new ‘Singled Out’ campaign:

Domestic abusers are supposed to be prohibited from buying guns, and they can’t pass a federal background check when they buy a gun from a licensed dealer. But there’s a big catch: An abuser is only prohibited from buying a gun if he’s currently married to, formerly married to, has a child with, or lives with the victim.

That leaves a gaping loophole for dangerous abusive boyfriends and stalkers to walk right through. Simply because they haven’t been married to or lived with the victim, they can pass a background check and buy a gun.
This is completely false. According to question 11-i on the ATF 4473 form, those who are convicted of any crime of domestic violence, even if only a misdemeanor, cannot purchase a gun.

Jennifer Gold, a member of the Everytown Survivor Network stated, “Until two of my best friends were shot and killed when we they were sophomores in college, I didn’t understand just how pervasive gun violence is in this country — and how often it affects women specifically. Now, I think it’s really important to be informed and to speak up about issues like this — and I definitely talk to the men I date about guns. Even if it’s an uncomfortable conversation at first, it’s an issue that is important to me and a essential conversation that can save lives.”

Meanwhile, they made no mention of 39 year-old Carol Bowne, a New Jersey hairdresser who was stabbed to death by her ex because the state took too long to review and approve her concealed handgun license.

I guess women being murdered by their ex is fine, as long as it’s not with a gun. If Cosmopolitan was really concerned about saving women’s lives, they’d be pushing for more women to train and obtain their concealed handgun licenses – the only method statistically proven to protect women.

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