CT Town Considers Arming and Training Teachers, Faces Criticism from Governor

Teachers are armed in other countries. Will similar programs work in the US?

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The Board of Selectmen in Kent, Connecticut is considering a plan that would equip teachers with trauma kits and the relevant training and allow them to carry firearms in the classroom. The plan would also allow for anonymous volunteers to carry weapons in schools.

The plan is part of a program developed by an Ohio-based nonprofit called FASTER Saves Lives, which advocates training teachers, administrators, and other school staff on how to take action before the police arrive.  The training is offered at no cost to the school district and includes training in crisis management, emergency  medical aid and armed response.

Advocates in Kent claim that the training could make a huge difference in smaller communities which lack large police departments. Opponents cite concerns about safety and the proliferation of firearms in schools.

State Governor Dannel P. Malloy has voiced his opposition to the move in a public statement:

“If any board of education would approve this, I’d be shocked, frightened and disappointed. It makes no sense. And no school system in the state of Connecticut should be allowed to do this.”

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Is arming teachers a good idea? What would you do if your child’s school started giving guns to its teachers?

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