Super Powerful Weapons that Make US Helicopters Formidable Predators: GAU-17/GAU-18 On UH-1Y

If you are on the ground and up against one of these, hiding in a cave seems a good option…

US Marines firing powerful GAU-18 M2 Machine Gun and GAU-17 Minigun during aerial gunnery training at Yuma (Arizona).

GAU-17 (also know as M134 Minigun) is a multi-barreled weapon called minigun using the Gatling rotary style guns . Chambered in 7.62mm with a very high rate of fire up to 100 rounds per second, firing rate, which was recorded by the Guinness Book 2002. However, the power system is electric and operation is being managed mechanically or electronically, the rate is adjustable, in particular for constrained devices such ammunition in helicopter like the MH-6 Little Bird.

Credit thumbnail: Cpl. Brendan King


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