Learn How To Select The Best Survival Blades

Survival Blades

PREPAREDMIND101 – our friend from YouTube, shared this video on how to choose the best survival blade for you. Not every survival blade is made for everyone. Also you should keep in mind; not every terrain requires big blades while others require chopping blades that need to cut through thick branches. What does PREPAREDMIND101 have to share with us on this topic and what are his other thoughts will be explained in the following video:

It is always imperative for every survivalist to have good survival skills as they might be detrimental factor for surviving and keeping your family or friends safe. Choosing the right survival equipment might be the most important skill you will ever acquire. If wrong equipment is packed, not even some of the best survivalists can use it effectively and that might decrease your chances of survival.

Do you posses right survival skills? How do you train?  We would like to hear your contribution which you might want to share with us and other survivalist.

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