Hillary Slams Bill That Would Allow Parents to Teach Their Kids Gun Safety

“…lowering the age from 14 to let more children legally have guns. What kind of debate is that? I have heard about what happens to children…finding that loaded gun. I’ve heard the stories, I’ve seen the news reports, about the ones who are killed. What is wrong with us!” -Hillary Clinton (Politico)

H/t to Buzzpo

Hillary Clinton severely criticized an Iowa bill that would allow parents the ability to determine when the proper time is to teach their children about responsible gun safety.

Under current Iowa law, no children under the age of 14 may have any contact with firearms, even with parental supervision. The bill, HF 2042, would allow parents the ability to raise their children the way they choose, and introduce gun safety to their kids when they feel the time is right.

If I ever lived in Iowa, under their current laws, I’d be a felon. I taught my sons gun safety at the age 7. They’ve never had an accident or done anything that would be considered even remotely irresponsible.

Now at the ages of 18 and 19, if I hand them a gun and tell them it’s empty, they don’t trust me. That’s because from a very young age they were taught that every firearm is loaded until proven otherwise. I taught them to safety check everything and trust nobody – not even their own father.

These are the habits that an Iowa father was trying to teach to his daughters, Melanie and Meredith Gibson.

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