The Agency Arms NOC – Modern Innovations Take Proven Ideas To A Whole New Level, And It Is ‘Sick’

“Everything that can be done has already been tried. All that is left is to do it better.”

This is certainly true of Agency Arms’ most recent project, The NOC. After one look, it is apparent that these guys are putting a new innovative spin on proven ideas.

The pistol, as described by Tactical Shit: “The NOC has the frame and slide that are the size of a Glock 19 but the added compensator brings the overall size of the slide assembly to that of a Glock 17. The NOC is compatible with standard Glock 17 holsters which won’t need any modification unless you are running an accessory on the rail. The frame of the NOC is manufactured by Lone Wolf Distributors and was chosen by Agency Arms for a couple different reasons. The Lone Wolf frame has a slightly modified angle which is similar to that of a 1911 and it has a higher beavertail that enables the shooter to get a much better purchase on the grip.
Agency was aiming to create a pistol that appealed to shooters throughout the industry. With the slide they left the option open to the purchaser to install an RMR or not. If you decide not to run an RMR, Agency has included their “Battle Plate” which is standard on all models to fill in the void. The NOC will come with 3 different spring rate packages; 13, 15 and 18 pounds. The different spring rates allow the shooter to tailor the pistol to fit their ammunition of preference. Agency Arms has also included serrations across the front, rear and sides of the slide to aid the user in gripping in their area of preference. The theme of a universal handgun is shown consistently throughout the design and will be a favorite among the large spectrum of shooters.”

See the description here:

And how does it shoot?

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