‘See All’ Fiber-Optic Gun Sight: A Cool, Inexpensive Option. Does It Have Staying Power?

Modern optics are a no-brainer for most of us, but the costs can add up. Have you considered the “See All?”

Video below:

Here is what one reviewer has said:

“If you’re looking for an ultimate “fiber-optic” sight with lots of applications, look no longer.”

I love open sights for close shooting, and I’ve been a big fan of fiber-optic sights for many years–dating back to installing them on compound bows for deer, elk, and hog hunting.

In recent years I’ve been using fiber-optic sights on shotguns for wild turkey hunting. But at times in the very early gray light of dawn, or when hunting from blinds where there’s minimal ambient light, standard fiber optic sights don’t have the brightness my aging eyes need.

That’s when a hunting buddy mentioned the “See All” fiber optic sight, which boasts a light-gathering source on steroids.

I admit, I am intrigued, and want to learn more!

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