8 Best Guns for Women Living Alone

More than expensive jewelry and shoes, the best thing you can ever give a woman is a firearm. While a lot of people may say that shooting is a man’s job, gender equality is proof that just like men, women should be more than capable of defending themselves in case the situation calls for it. Simply put, the good old days when most gun owners were men are now buried 6-feet under as the need for self-protection knows no gender. This is especially true if you are a single woman living alone. Since threats are always just around the corner, you need to look for the best weapon to deter burglars, thieves and other hoodlums in the block.

When it comes to choosing the best gun, it all depends on how comfortable you are with the weapon. The weight and the fit of the gun are all distinguishing factors that can help you decide on whether or not that particular gun is perfect for you. To filter your options, below are some of the most well-known guns for women:

Springfield Armory 1911


If you are looking for a gun for home defense purposes, the Springfield Armory 1911 can be one of your best picks. Power, accuracy and convenience—this weapon has it all. Plus, the weight is manageable, making it easier for women to shoot with precision.

Nighthawk Lady Hawk


9 mm caliber, reduced overall frame circumference, well-contoured magazine—these are only some of the features that make Nighthawk Lady Hawk the best gun for women. In fact, it was designed with great consideration on what women want and need. So if you are creating a wish list, you may want to include this.

Kel-Tec P3AT


This semi-automatic, lock-bridged pistol is so easy to carry around, you won’t have problems trying to hide it under your clothes. While it may be small at first glance, you will definitely find it easy to manipulate, especially with its laser feature.

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