A Star Is Born: The Greatest Crossbow Ever

It shoots steel balls with 60 ft-lb and bolts at 92 ft-lb…
It can be reloaded within a few seconds
It is accurate as heck
It is silent and compact
It is made to last

How can you top that?

This is the first short introduction of the new STS Shoottech AR480 Mark2 crossbow. An amazing product really!

As a contrast to this very elaborate, complex weapon, a homemade crossbow is also shown. It shoots the same 12mm (1/2″) steel balls, but it is made from a single, cheap wooden plank. Seven screws and one nail plus the rubber bands are the entire parts that are needed to build it – with the most basic tools. Of course the performance does not even come close! Still, a fun alternative.

The AR480 will be tested more thoroughly soon, including distance shooting and destruction tests.

Thanks to JoergSprave for the find!

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