15 Year Old Invents 3D PRINTED .70 Cal Bullets – THAT WORK

In this video we test out some more 3D printed slugs that are based on the design of an air rifle pellet, but super-sized to 12 ga. shotgun size. These were made by Michael who all ready made some .177 cal sized pellets that worked and was certain these would also work. Since our past experience with 3D printed bullets was not very good, we were not sure these would work. They were VERY light, weighing only 9 grams. (less than 1/3 of an oz) They are very light so they do not have a lot of energy, but what we are really looking at are the external ballistics of the pellets (slugs) since that is so critical and difficult to achieve.

Will Darren be able to hit the mark?


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