Obama Will HATE This Gun Shop’s Christmas Billboard – This Is AMAZING!

A billboard featuring a gun-toting Santa is annoying anti-gun liberals in Charlotte, North Carolina. Take a look at it!


The Political Insider has more…

Put on Interstate 77 near Clanton Road, Blackstone Shooting Sports made it clear that they are proud of the guns they sell. Holding a firearm, Santa Clause is pointing it at a sign which reads “Santa knows what you really want!”

Some people say it doesn’t show Santa being merry and bright, and might send the wrong message. But plenty of store patrons found the billboard to be hilarious!

“There’s a lot of people that really enjoy the humor behind the advertisement. And there are some people in our community that don’t necessarily like it. We’ve spoken to them directly,” Palmetto State Armory Marketing Officer Adam Ruonala said.

Ruonala said he’s tried to explain to people they are not necessarily tying it to Christmas and Christ, but more to hunting and sports.


Needless to say, President Barack Obama, who is determined to repeal the Second Amendment, would strongly disapprove of this pro-gun billboard. But if only California was as supportive of gun rights as North Carolina, maybe the recent deadly Islamic terrorist attacks could have been prevented.


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