Texas Gun Rights Activists to Host Mock Mass Shooting

The goal: Put an end to gun-free zones!

Video below:


Foxnews has more…

This afternoon, gun rights advocates will hold an open carry demonstration near the University of Texas at Austin that will end with a mock mass shooting.

They say the goal is to put an end to gun-free zones, which they claim endanger the public.

Matthew Short, with Come and Take It Texas, explained on “Fox and Friends Weekend” that 95 percent of mass shootings happen in gun-free zones.

“There is an inalienable right to bear your arms, which is in the defense of our own persons and our property and our families,” Short said.

Short added that he’s offended by politicians calling for stricter gun control and more gun-free zones in the wake of mass shootings or terror attacks.

“I don’t see how creating more ‘victim killing zones’ is actually a way of controlling these situations.”

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