[VIDEO] Chuck Todd of MSNBC Blasts “Failure of Political Leadership” for Not Passing Gun Control

PicMonkey-Collage-ToddSoon after President Obama‘s address on the San Bernardino shooting, Chuck Todd analyzed the balancing act he appeared to show by calling for stronger gun control policies, while also acknowledging that many details remain unknown about why the violence happened or how the attackers got their weapons.

Todd said that Obama seemed to go for a more unifying approach with his speech when compared to his recent talking points that critics said have fanned the flames of the gun accessibility debate.

Watch President Obama’s address via Fox News:

From there, Todd expressed frustration with how people are already trying to make the shooting fit their own political narratives while discouraging any kind of political dialogue to address concerns on both sides.

Todd continued to say that whenever an act of violence captivates national attention, it is the “second nature” of certain politicians to rush to their side of the gun debate and flatly refuse any-fact checking or Congressional talks on the matter.

“Whatever it is, our public policy leaders ought to want to have an open mind,” said Todd. “That’s the part of this that I find frustrating is where’s the political leadership on Capitol Hill that says ‘you know what? I’m not going to make a judgment…. That’s the part that we see a failure of political leadership on Capitol Hill on this.”

Watch below, via MSNBC


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