D3 Chest Rig – Gear That Provides

For survivalist or military personnel, D3 Chest Rig is a great companion. The D3 offers great many pouches that can fit almost anything; mags, medical supplies, grenades, knives just about anything that comes to mind. Great thing about D3 is easy access to any item as it mounts on your chest. Every item stored in it is basically on your fingertips and ready to use. Let’s watch how it acts on field test:

This chest rig can also be used for AirSoft, although it is not it’s primary use. But high quality and usefulness it offers may come in handy even for AirSoft players. And as such we also recommend this gear to become your primary chest kit for any outdoor activity. From Airsoft players to more hardcore military actions, this gear can provide you with useful storage, when you need it and how you want it.

Did you ever use D3 Chest Rig? What was your inventory? Share experiences and knowledge about chest kits.

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