Pro Grunt Belt System by US Grunt Gear

This video will show us a gear review of following items: Pro Grunt Padded Belt System (Complete 3 tiers), The OWB Clip on Pistol Pouch, The New Pistol Mag Pouch with TEK-LOK, The AR-15 Clip on Mag Pouch, The Open Handheld Tactical Flashlight Pouch, The Handgun Light Clip on Pouch and The Mini IFAK Belt Loop Pouch. The AR-15 Clip on Mag Pouch is capable of converting from the clip mount to the TEK-LOK mount. Let’s check this video out, shall we:

All of the items look great, useful and very affordable. If you are on the lookout for great gear, this video will cover most of gear items in the specified area. Really great showcase of Pro Grunt Belt System in just 13 mins video.

What type of gear you guys used? Is this something you would like to purchase? Is there any particular item that cough your eye? Share with us, please.

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