TOP 10: Worlds Heavy Utility Helicopters

Today we bring you another great TOP 10 video. This one will reveal to us, what are TOP 10 Worlds Heavy Utility Helicopters. Fans of heavy utility helicopters or helicopters in generals should be pleased with this list. We have gone through whole YouTube and chose what we though is the best TOP 10 list which features Heavy Utility Helicopters. So, let’s take a quick look, shall we:

Without these helicopters many actions that are now fast and easy would be almost impossible.They can transfer large amounts of military equipment from most inhospitable terrains. They can also transport large number of troops, and deploy them all safely and quickly while still in the air. This especially applies to our number 1 heavy utility helicopter – V-22 Osprey. This giant airborne vehicle is capable of transferring massive amounts of items, gear or other vehicles. Yes, this one is real beauty when it comes to TOP 10 Worlds Heavy Utility Helicopters.

What do you guys think? Did we choose well? What would you change about this list?

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