Knifemaking: What You Need To Know

Here we will show you guys how knifemaking works and how to make a really sweet blade made out of sawing plate. Yes, you heard us right, this guy takes high quality carbon steel plate and makes it into a chopping knife. If you don’t want to throw hundreds of dollars on chopping knives, this video might be ideal for you:

Even we here at Weapon’s Media didn’t know it was that easy to make your own blades. No disrespect to the guy, but with little effort and right tools, anyone can make a specific blade to be unique and with performances they desire. A really skillful blacksmith can make ten of these any day. But in all reality, you should not make your own knives, unless you are very skillful or possess right knowlidge to do so. In most cases purchasing a knife with official seller is the right thing to do.

How is you experience with making knives? Have you ever create one? Had one custom made for you? We would like to hear your experience with custom knives.

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