SOG Creed: True Zombie Slasher

SOG Company is well established knife manufacturing company with many years of experienced blade craftsmanship to their credit. The SOG Creed knife is no exception when it comes to quality, well designed multi-functional blades. This knife will most defenetly be useful as survival tool and defensive tool equally. With this blade it is only your preference how to use it, because SOG Creed is made to endure it all. In this YouTube video we will see much more in detail, what exactly SOG blades are capable of:

Fine blade, we call all agree on that. Only some of the customers claim it’s a little pricey blade. For usual price of $258.75, that’s listed on offical SOG Creed site, we have to agree. There are many other companies that produce almost equally quality blades while being well below that price range.

What would you guys pay for this fine blade? Do you think it’s little too much ($258.75) or the SOG Creed blade deserves to be priced even higher?

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