CUMA Battle Cleaver – We Guess Butchers Go to War Too

When we first saw this damn thing, we didn’t know what to think. Maybe a jungle warfare knife, or was it just a joke? It seems that  Ka-Bar Knifes Inc. actually produce and sell Cuma Battle Cleaver and this thing is no joke. As we can see in the following video from our friend Youtube James Yeager, it can tear through some pretty hardcore stuff with ease. Let’s watch this Battle Cleaver in action:

Yes, we are still confused about this Battle Cleaver. Perhaps only thing this beastly knife could be used for is tearing down trees so that trucks and other vehicles can get through the forest. Or simply in your camp’s kitchen, preparing large amount of steaks. Other than that, we just don’t see much usefulness in CUMA Battle Cleaver.

If you find where it might be used or how to use it properly, please share it with us. We would really like to hear from you.

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