Cuma Knife: The Double-Edged Combat Knife

Weapon’s Media brings you, yet another knife video from our YouTube friend James Yeager. In this video we will analyse Cuma Combat knife. What’s so special about this knife? Cuma Combat Knife is a true double-edged combat knife with two real blades that could be used to neutralize your enemy silently. Double-edge blade has one advantage over single-bladed knifes – it can tear through anyone in your way no matter how you turn the knife and from which side you attack. Let’s see what else this knife brings:

Cuma Knife comes with nice sheath which makes this knife perfect for any survivalist gear item. At the bottom of the grip handle we can see nice, compact line which can be used for more control or simply for easier handling. One thing we would like to note here is that handle of this knife isn’t really durable. After purchasing this knife we would strongly advise you to switch the standard handle out and get more heavy-duty knife that way.

What do you guys think about this knife? Is it work purchasing? Will you make Cuma Combat Knife part of your survivalist gear?

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