Shooting the Sig P226: Total Auto Perfection

nutnfancy – At the Nutnfancy “Tactical Clinic” I demonstrate the fast firing, superbly accurate, durable, ergonomic, and uber reliable Sig P226. This is, along with the Glock design, is a pistol that rightfully changed how the law enforcement world views and accepts semi-automatic pistols. Finally a pistol reliable as a revolver had arrived. That’s why the Sig design remains a favorite choice for world wide law enforcement agencies and military forces (US Navy SEALs). Its track record is impeccable and its following enormous. Here I show you some reasons why. The gun is of course superbly accurate (capable of one hole at 10 yds) but I did not demonstrate that to my desired level on this day…expect a better demo in the future. This shooting video will serve as a companion, shooting proof video for my P226/228 table top reviews.

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